How To Make Your Laundry Room More Functional By Hanging A Door Sideways

source: Facebook/Tim Franklin

Having a separate laundry room is a luxury not every home has. But those of you who have a laundry room are certainly lucky! One Kentucky-based couple were looking for ways to make their own laundry room more functional. That’s when Tim Franklin’s wife thought of an excellent idea.

source: Katie Lamb

The couple had an old door just sitting in their garage. Tim installed the door sideways on one wall in their laundry room to be used as a fold-down ironing and folding station. All he did was make a wooden frame, fasten the door to the frame on the wall, and add chains so the door could easily fold up and down.

source: Facebook/Tim Franklin

I also love the sage green color they chose to paint the door and the frame. It really seems to complement the design of their laundry room. This is a genius hack that would take very little time and effort to replicate. If you have an old door lying around, use it! Otherwise, head to your local secondhand shop or antique store – you’ll likely be able to pick one up for pretty cheap!