Why It’s Handy To Keep A Nail File In The Car During The Winter

sources: Malva Belle / Car Passionate / Shutterstock

There are certain things that drivers should always keep in their vehicles. These items include a bottle of water, flashlight, jumper cables — you know, those standard things that can help you out in an emergency or if you were to get stuck somewhere. However, there’s one more (rather bizarre) thing that you should also be keeping in your vehicle. And that’s a nail file.

source: Groupon / iStock

Patrice Banks, author of Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, explains, “Windshield wipers can get worn down or have a layer of dirt on top of them that doesn’t wipe away easily. You can restore your wiper blades—and make them last three to six months longer—by wiping down the surface of the blade that comes in contact with the windshield a few times with a nail file or emery board. It will give the wiper a second life, and can help you see better in the rain or snow.”

And let me assure you, Banks knows what she’s talking about. Banks is a former engineer who went back to school for auto mechanics, and now runs a garage in Philadelphia staffed entirely by women. Her garage is conveniently attached to a salon, so you can get a mani-pedi or a blowout while you wait for your car to be serviced. I don’t know about you, but I think Banks has come up with quite possibly the best business model in history.

“If the wiper blades are peeling off the wipers, no amount of filing can fix them. Replace them before they totally peel off!” Banks warns. If you live some place with cold, snowy winters, hopefully this genius yet simple hack can make your winter driving a little more bearable.