16 Items In Your Home You Should Be Cleaning Every Single Month

source: Realestate/Ross Campbell

Life is busy, and it can be super hard to keep a clean home. I have always been a “clean as you go” type of person, so it doesn’t all accumulate and become extremely overwhelming. However, I know there are some areas I’m inevitably forgetting about. Here are 16 items and places in your home that you should be cleaning at least once a month.

1. Baseboards

source: House Beautiful

Cleaning baseboards is a necessary evil, especially if you have kids and pets. Use a damp rag to wipe up dust before it becomes caked on there.

2. Washing Machine

source: YouTube/Clean My Space

Your washing machine works hard, so it’s important to keep it clean! At least once a month, you should be setting it on an empty cleaning cycle to keep it in good working order. Be sure to wipe down the outside of the machine, too.

3. Furniture

source: Steam Clean Carpet Los Angeles via Fotolia

At least once a month, use the handheld attachment on your vacuum to give your upholstered furniture a good clean. Be sure to remove cushions and vacuum under them as well.

4. The Fridge

source: The Spruce/Ana Cadena

At least once a month (but would be better to do every two weeks), take everything out of the fridge. Throw out expired items, give the shelves and drawers a good wipe down, and reorganize the items you put back in.

5. Appliances

source: The Home Depot

At least once a month, give your appliances a good clean. Wipe down stainless steel to remove dust and fingerprints, and ensure the insides of your appliances are also clean (that means the microwave, too!).

6. Light Fixtures

source: Destination Lighting

The shades and glass on light fixtures seem to get covered in dust extremely quickly. Be sure to give them a good wipe at least once monthly.

7. Range Hood Filters

source: Realestate/Ross Campbell

I definitely do not need clean my range hood filters regularly enough, but it’s an important job! Give them a good soak, gentle scrub, and rinse at least once a month.

8. Rugs

source: COIT via Shutterstock/perfectlab

One of the best things we have ever invested in was a carpet cleaner. We give all of the area rugs in our home a good clean once a month (which is super important, especially if you have kids and pets).

9. Ceiling Fans

source: The Home Depot

This is one of my least favorite chores, but you should dust and wipe down ceiling fan blades at least once a month. The dust that builds up there is super, super gross!

10. Windows

source: Well+Good via Stocksy/BONNINSTUDIO

I end up having to clean our windows more than once a month as our dogs like to slobber all over the ones at their eye-level. In any case, clean your windows once a month to keep them looking clear and shiny.

11. Furnace Filters

source: Bob Vila via iStock Photo

To ensure you’re maintaining your furnace and breathing in clean air, check your furnace filters at least once a month and replace as needed.

12. Makeup Brushes

source: Ipsy via Getty Images/Dmytro Pokulityi

Now, the regularity with which you clean your makeup brushes will depend on how often you wear makeup. But because germs and bacteria build on makeup brushes so easily, you should be thoroughly washing them at least once a month to keep that bacteria away from your face.

13. Kitchen Cabinets

source: Bleach Pray Love

Over time, kitchen cabinets become coated in grease, grime, dust, and food splatters. Give them a wipe down at least once a month to prevent that buildup from getting too unmanageable!

14. Grout

source: Bob Vila via iStock Photo

Cleaning the grout between your tile at least once a month will prevent it from becoming irreversibly stained.

15. Porches and Decks

source: US Home Filter

Again, the frequency with which you sweep off your porches and decks will depend on where you live, but it’s good to get rid of those leaves, cobwebs, and other debris at least once a month.

16. Small Appliances

source: The Spruce/Ana Cadena

Don’t forget to wipe down small appliances like your kettle, coffee maker, stand mixer, blender, and toaster, too!

Cleaning can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re super busy or have a large home. However, keeping up with this list of chores once a month helps keep the jobs from piling into one extremely overwhelming deep clean. Good luck!