How To Skip Ironing Clothes With A Clever Dryer Hack

When you really think about it, laundry can be quite the process. Not only do you have to wash and dry your clothes, but most of the time, you also have to iron them. Throw a few kids into the mix and you could be spending hours and hours a week doing laundry. Well today, we’re going to make the whole laundry process a bit easier for you. Because if you keep this hack in mind when it comes to drying your clothes, you’ll never have to iron them!

source: Popsugar

According to The Daily Mail, placing two or three ice cubes into your dryer and running it on a high heat cycle for just a few minutes will smooth out wrinkles in your clothing. Basically, the ice melts due to the high heat of the dryer which creates steam. And the steam in the dryer takes on the same role as your iron would.

source: NeoPress

Your dryer basically turns into a clothes steamer, so there will be no need to bring out the ironing board. When trying this hack, it’s important not to overstuff your dryer. A small to moderate amount of clothing is your best bet. Another way to prevent your clothes from wrinkling is to hang them up right after coming out of the dryer. That way, they’re not heaped in a pile getting creased and wrinkled. Now that you know about this hack, you hopefully won’t cringe as much at the thought of tackling your laundry!