12+ Indoor Plants That Offer Tons Of Amazing Health Benefits

sources: WisContext / Getty images

There’s something about flowers and plants that just make people happy. It’s nice to see a beautiful living thing that you tend to, and which flourishes as a result. Although outdoor gardens are certainly lovely, there are tons of amazing benefits to having indoor plants, too. Here are some of the best varieties!

1. Sage

Many people and cultures believe that burning sage will detoxify your home and cleanse it of any evil or unwanted spirits and energy. It boasts many positive spiritual qualities, and it’s also quite easy to care for.

2. Jade

Jade plants are said to symbolize prosperity, friendship, and luck. People believe that the closer you tend to a jade plant, the more rewards you will be presented with.

3. Orchid

source: The Spruce / Stoksy

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers nature has to offer. Although they’re not the easiest plant to care for, if you tend to them closely, orchids are said to bring about fertility, wealth, and good luck.

4. Fern

Ferns are one of the easiest plants to care for, plus, they come in a ton of different varieties. Ferns are excellent for purifying the air and detoxifying the environment they’re placed in.

5. Rosemary

source: WisContext

Rosemary is said to contain many calming properties that help to eliminate stress and clear the mind. Plus, this little herb is an amazing garnish for meats, pasta dishes, and more.

6. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are beautiful flowering plants that are said to improve air quality, alleviate the symptoms of asthma, and eliminate headaches. What’s not to love about them?

7. Jasmine

source: Pinterest

Jasmine is a white flowering plant with one of the sweetest, most beautiful smells of all flower species. This plant is said to induce romance and bring about positive change in relationships.

8. Spider Plant

Spider plants require very little maintenance, but they’re excellent plants for detoxifying the air. You can hang them in baskets or plant them in cute containers like this one!

9. Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are absolutely adorable, but they also bring about many positive health benefits. They’re said to eliminate the symptoms of depression, ward off headaches, and bring about positivity.

10. Bamboo Plant

Not only are bamboo plants very cool-looking, but they’re also a widespread symbol of prosperity. They’re also said to eliminate negativity and evil notions, and replace them with tranquility and positivity.

11. Lavender

source: HGTV / iStock

Lavender is a wonderful-smelling plant that’s said to encourage happiness and peace. Sniff your lavender plant often to reap all of its amazing rewards!

12. Lemon Tree

It’s not hard to believe that lemon trees are said to bring about happiness and positivity. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a full-sized lemon tree, there are miniature versions, too.

13. Fiddle Leaf Fig

source: Miracle-Gro

Fiddle leaf fig trees are super trendy, but they’re far more than just a home design accessory. These plants provide very high levels of oxygen and are amazing at detoxifying the air.