9 House Plans That Will Convince You To Add An In-Law Suite To Yours

source: Architectural Designs

For about three years now, my husband and I have been debating adding an in-law suite to our existing home. If you have aging parents who are looking to downsize but are not yet ready for a retirement or nursing home, an in-law suite is the perfect solution. It can be used for many purposes, and adds some great value to your home. Here are 9 house plans that include in-law suites that may just convince you to build one yourself!


source: Frank Betz Associates

A white-sided house with black windows is one of my favorite looks. I love the small breezeway attaching the main house to the in-law suite with this plan.


source: The House Designers

This large, craftsman-style house plan has an entire in-law apartment – dreamy!


source: Builder House Plans

A portion of the left side of this home features a spacious in-law suite. Yep, I could live here with no complaints!


source: LinkedIn/Mohammad Asadujjaman

I like that with this house design, the main home and in-law suite are staggered. This gives each space their own sense of privacy.


source: Pro Builder House Plans

The in-law suite on the left wing perfectly complements the main home with this design. I just adore all of those windows.


source: Drummond House Plans

With an in-law suite on half of the main floor, this design also features 3 additional bedrooms and lots of open floor space.


source: The House Designers

A more affordable option, <a href="//www.thehousedesigners.com/in-law-suites.asp">The House Designers this one-story craftsman features an in-law suite off to one wing with its own separate entrance.


source: Architectural Designs

I love this charming farmhouse design! The guest quarters over the garage consist of 448 square feet which would be perfect for a small in-law suite.


source: Architectural Designs

Perfect for a narrow lot, this cottage-style home features an in-law suite off the back of the house separated by a terrace. Super clever design!

If your parents are getting older, it’s wise to plan ahead – could an in-law suite be the perfect living solution for everyone? An in-law suite allows parents to retain some sense of independence and privacy, while also being right next door. An in-law suite adds instant value to a home, especially because it can also be used for rental income down the road. Whether you have plans to build, renovate, or add on to your existing home, I hope you found inspiration in these awesome designs.