If You Write A Letter To This Address, You’ll Receive Free Seeds To Support Monarch Butterflies

source: Gardening Charlotte

The monarch butterfly is one of the most beautiful and beloved types of butterfly. Unfortunately, these special butterflies also happen to be endangered. Every fall, monarch butterflies make the 4,000-5,000 kilometre journey from Canada to the forests of Mexico where they spend their winters. But climate change, deforestation in Mexico, and the decrease of nectar-producing and milkweed plants are all threatening their survival.

source: Mass Audubon

Fortunately, one organization is playing their part in protecting this amazing species. Live Monarch is an organization dedicated to protecting and growing monarch butterfly populations. For more than 20 years, Live Monarch has a run a program mailing out free milkweed seeds which turn into plants that act as edible homes for monarch butterflies across North America.

source: Monarch Butterflies

If you send Live Monarch a letter with your return address, they will mail you free milkweed seeds as well as instructions for planting them. They will even mail you the specific type of milkweed seed and planting instructions based on your specific geographical location.

source: Live Monarch

For more information on this amazing initiative and organization, visit the Live Monarch website. For the cost of a postage stamp, you can be part of the effort towards protecting the beautiful and endangered monarch butterfly.