How To Use Water Bottles In The Garden For Bigger, Healthier Plants

source: Family Handyman

I’ve been a pretty big gardener for a number of years, but this is the first year I’ve ever tried my hand at a vegetable garden. And so, I’m constantly on the hunt for tips and tricks to help make my garden grow bigger, stronger, and healthier. That’s where I came across this genius idea for using plastic water bottles in the garden. I know it sounds strange, but trust the process!

source: The Dirt on Dirt

We know that in order to grow healthy, hydrated plants, water needs to penetrate the roots. Diane Newman tells Family Handyman, “Here’s my method: I drill holes in water bottles and bury them alongside my plants, leaving just the cap above the ground. To water the plants, I unscrew the bottles’ caps, fill the bottles and screw the caps back on. It requires some extra effort, but it conserves water, and my plants–especially the tomatoes–are thriving like never before.”

source: Family Handyman

Who knew that all you need to create your own irrigation system was some plastic water bottles? The bottles will slow-release the water as the plant needs it, ensuring that your soil isn’t completely drying out in between deep waterings or rain. This is also a great method to try out if you’re going away for a couple of days and don’t have anyone to water your plants.

source: wikiHow

I love that with less than 10 minutes of setting up this hack, your garden can self-water on those especially hot, dry days. As Diane mentioned, this is especially great for use in vegetable gardens, specifically with water-dependent tomatoes. I will certainly be implementing this hack into my own veggie garden this weekend!