How To Safely Can Beans Without A Pressure Canner

sources: CanningNow Recipes / Living In Normal

Pickling and canning vegetables is somewhat of an art form. In order to ensure you are canning and preserving your veggies (or other foods) safely, there is a fair amount of research that needs to be conducted first. Every vegetable is different, and each requires different canning and pickling methods. Fortunately, you can still learn to safely can green beans, even if you don’t own a pressure canner. Here’s how!

source: The Splendid Table

The method you choose to use when canning and preserving depends largely on the acidity level of the vegetable (or food item) in question. High acid vegetables tend to be easier to can, while low acid vegetables should always be canned using a pressure canner. However, green beans can be canned without using a pressure canner, but they must be pickled first. This step is imperative to avoid foodborne botulism, which can cause serious health issues and can even be fatal in some instances.

source: Get Busy Gardening

The method for canning without a pressure canner is called a water bath. This is an old-school yet effective method, and can be used to can pickled green beans. It involves placing your sealed jars in a “bath” of boiling water, either using a water bath canner or a deep aluminum tub. Check out these helpful and informative water bath instructions from Yes, I Canned to learn more about this method!

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Before attempting to can or preserve any sort of food, you should always consult the USDA’s Complete Guide to Canning. You should never underestimate the risk of botulism when considering canning and preserving foods. When done correctly, home canning is an enjoyable and rewarding way to preserve your own vegetables, and is especially great for those with vegetable gardens or homesteading lifestyles. Just be sure to do your research first!