How To Play The Saran Wrap Christmas Game This Holiday Season

source: AwesomeJelly/YouTube

I look forward to the holiday season all year long. I love putting up Christmas decorations, lights, and watching my favorite Christmas movies. I also love all of the traditions that go hand in hand with the holidays. From favorite recipes to stuffing stockings, Christmas brings about such a sense of nostalgia. When it comes to gift giving, you and your family may have partaken in traditions like secret santa or a white elephant gift exchange. But have you ever heard of the saran wrap Christmas game? This is my first time hearing about it but it looks so fun!

The saran wrap Christmas game involves wrapping up a bunch of small, individual gifts within layers and layers of saran wrap. The first player rolls a pair of dice. If they roll doubles, they begin to unwrap the ball and pass the dice to the next player who continues to roll them until they also land doubles. Then, the cycle continues! Whoever is unwrapping the ball during their turn gets to keep the little gifts they happen upon during that time. The players continue until the ball has been completely unwrapped.

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If you’re looking for ideas for small gifts to include in this game, things like gift cards, socks, candy, chocolate bars, small toys, lottery tickets, and small amounts of cash are all crowd pleasers. Depending on who is playing the game (adults, teens, children), you can cater the gift ideas accordingly.

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I think this is a super fun, entertaining game that gives everyone a shot at opening up some great little gifts without breaking the bank. This is one of those great games to play during family gatherings over the holidays, and is definitely one of those activities that can make for great memories and be passed on to future generations!