How To Make Your Own Brown Sugar At Home

source: Facebook/Canning Simple Recipes Food Gardening Preserving and Crafting

Let’s face it – life is expensive. While I maybe didn’t look so closely at the price of groceries before, I sure am now. That’s why whenever I see a tip or trick aimed at being a little more resourceful with food, I’m immediately interested. I recently came across a hack for making your own brown sugar, and I wanted to be sure you all knew about it, too!

source: Slow Club Cookery

This hack is so absolutely simple, but for some reason, I’d never considered it before. Instead of buying a separate bag of brown sugar, all you need are two ingredients to make your own: regular white granulated sugar and molasses. If you do any baking in a year, chances are you already have both of these items in your pantry!

source: Facebook/Canning Simple Recipes Food Gardening Preserving and Crafting

According to the Facebook page Canning Simple Recipes Food Gardening Preserving and Crafting, all you need to do is combine 2.5 pounds of granulated sugar with 2 to 4 tablespoons of molasses, depending on your preference. If you want a darker, sweeter brown sugar, add more molasses and if you want a lighter brown sugar, add less. It’s also suggested that you mix it all together with your hands so you can really break down the molasses.

source: Bran Appetit

And that’s it! That’s seriously all there is to it! Store in an airtight container (with a terracotta brown sugar saver, if you have one), and it’s all ready to use for the next time you need it. Though this may not seem like much, I love learning tips to be more resourceful, particularly when it comes to food. I’ll be remembering this one!