How To Make A Super Effective Mosquito Trap

source: TikTok/@oneshiftygen

I love almost everything about summer. Between the days spent at the beach, backyard barbecues, and glorious summer sunshine, what’s not to love? Well, just one thing comes to mind – bugs. And particularly mosquitoes. Nothing ruins a nice evening out on the deck like a swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. While many people would say their least favorite sound in the entire world is nails on a chalkboard, I can confidently say that mine is the sound of a whining mosquito in my ear. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials | istockphoto

Lighting a citronella candle can work to ward off mosquitoes in a small area, but in all honesty, I don’t want mosquitoes anywhere near me. So, what’s the solution? According to a video I’ve just seen on TikTok, the solution is something called a Skeeterbag.

source: Skeeterbag

A Skeeterbag is a mesh bag that clips onto the back side of a 20″ box fan. When you turn on the fan, the mosquitoes get sucked in (kind of like a tornado effect) and end up trapped inside the bag. Empty the bag once a week or as needed, and keep reusing to get rid of mosquitoes again and again! Check out the video below to see the Skeeterbag in action:

The Skeeterbag and fan work best in outdoor spaces where mosquitoes are prone to hanging around, such as near windows or outdoor lights, especially as dusk approaches. This is also a great contraption to put up around livestock or animals, as we all know mosquitoes target them specifically.

source: Skeeterbag

The Skeeterbag is a great natural solution for getting rid of mosquitoes, and one that doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to your kids and pets like many traditional mosquito eliminators. To learn more about the Skeeterbag or buy your own for $25, click here. In my opinion, $25 is absolutely worth paying if it helps us to enjoy summertime without annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes!