How To Make Perfectly Clear Ice Cubes

source: Serious Eats

Have you ever noticed that when you order a cocktail at a fancy restaurant or bar, the ice in your drink is perfectly crystal clear? This ice looks nothing like the ice you’d make at home, which tends to be cloudy and full of bubbles. If you’ve ever wondered how to make clear ice, today is your lucky day. The method is probably far easier than you’d think, and it doesn’t require any special tools or gadgets.

The secret? Well, I guess there are technically two secrets. The first is that you need to use distilled water instead of regular old tap water. Since distilled water has far less impurities, it will add to that crystal clear ice quality. The second secret is to boil the water before freezing the ice cube tray. Boiling the water pushes the air bubbles out of the ice, which is what tends to make it appear cloudy.

Apparently, boiling distilled water twice is your best bet for the clearest ice possible. Simply bring the water to a boil two separate times, then pour it into an ice cube tray (make sure your tray is metal or silicone, so that it doesn’t melt with the boiling water). Then, simply freeze the tray, and you’ll be left with diamond-level, fancy ice to serve your guests when they come over. Never settle for cloudy ice cubes again!