How To Make A Spiky Snake Plant Bloom With Beautiful, Fragrant Flowers

sources: Balcony Garden Web / Gardening Know How via iStock/Marina Denisenko

If you consider yourself a plant person, I’m willing to bet you have at least one snake plant as part of your collection. These mid-size plants with spiky leaves thrive indoors, and are relatively easy to care for. Although I have had a snake plant for multiple years, I had no idea they could bloom. If you want to learn tips for making a snake plant bloom beautiful little flowers, read on!

source: At Home With Hues

Snake plants won’t bloom year-round, but there are methods to encourage them to bloom once a year or so. The best blooming period is late spring or early summer, so be sure to start trying out these tips before that time of year rolls around.

source: Indoor Flora

The first step in getting your snake plant to bloom is by placing the plant in direct, bright sunlight. It’s also imperative you keep the plant in a root-bound stage. This means you do not transfer the plant to a bigger pot as it grows – you keep it in the same pot, which will start to slow the growth of the plant. When the roots have no more room to grow, the plant will be encouraged to bloom.

source: Bob Vila

You’ll also want to water the plant less than you normally would. Keeping the plant subjected to these conditions will encourage the blooming phase. If you’re lucky enough to get your snake plant to bloom, you could be blessed with a couple of weeks of the fragrant, beautiful white flowers. They even produce a large amount of sweet-smelling nectar!

source: All Things Gardener

An older, healthy snake plant is your best bet for getting this variety to bloom. It is highly unlikely a new plant will bloom. These tips are very simple, but hopefully by taking them into account next spring, you can encourage your snake plant to flower and enjoy its sweet and pretty blooms!