How To Expertly Apply Foundation (No More Cakey Makeup!)

source: YouTube/Stephanie Lange

For years, I never bothered to wear foundation because I was so afraid of applying it improperly. I’ve seen far too many people layer on foundation, only to be left with cakey, creasy-looking makeup, and a clear foundation mark along their jawlines. And let’s face it – that’s really not a good look for anyone. Thankfully, knowing a few insider secrets can prevent those unpleasant foundation mistakes from happening – and you’ll be left with smooth, natural-looking foundation that lasts the entire day.

source: Live Big, Live Bold / Shutterstock

YouTuber Stephanie Lange explains that when it comes to foundation application, it’s integral that you’re not applying a product that’s too thick, and that you don’t apply too much of it. This is what leads to that undesirable cakey look, and also what leads to creasing. Another common mistake? Applying foundation throughout the day when your skin begins to look oily. This, in fact, will only make the oil and cakey look worse.

source: Allure / Courtesy of brands/Designed by Brittany Theophilus

So, what should you be doing? Well, for starters, it’s important to pick a product that’s lightweight and designed for your skin type (i.e. dry skin, oil-prone skin, combination skin, etc.). Apply foundation and then apply your concealer over top. This will give you the best coverage while also ensuring it doesn’t look like you’ve piled on the product.

source: Fab Fit Fun / The Express Tribune

When applying foundation, using a damp beauty blender (cone-shaped makeup sponge) is the key for even application. You should also set your foundation with a lightweight, translucent powder and never a heavy powder. If your skin begins to look oily as the day progresses, fight the urge to apply more foundation (which can lead to more oil and breakouts), and use a tissue or oil-blotting papers instead.

source: Teen Vogue / Courtesy of Instagram/Bella Hadid

Check out Stephanie’s tutorial below to see these tips in action. You no longer have to be afraid of your makeup looking cakey now that you know these simple yet effective tips!