How To Clean The Oven With A Single Dishwasher Tablet

source: The Kitchn/Ashley Poskin

Every so often, a random cleaning hack will start going viral. They usually gain that viral factor because they don’t seem like they would be effective, but surprisingly are. So today, behold the latest viral cleaning hack – cleaning your oven with none other than a dishwasher tablet!

source: The Kitchn

The Kitchn revealed that after seeing multiple articles demonstrating this cleaning hack, they had to try it for themselves. The dishwasher tablets are great at removing layers of baked-on grease from your oven’s glass door. Finish detergent tablets seem to be the popular choice, so that’s the brand The Kitchn chose to try out.

source: The Kitchn/Ashley Poskin

All you have to do is take the tablet, dunk it in a bowl of warm water, and use the tablet itself to scrub at the oven glass. You can also use the tablet on the non-glass part of the oven door. With just a few scrubs, you’ll begin to see that grease and grime come right off. You may have to use a few tablets to complete the cleaning, as they will begin to crumble and dissolve as you go.

source: Budget101

When you’re done scrubbing, use paper towel or a clean cloth to wipe away the residue, then follow up with a separate clean, damp cloth. With minimal effort and cleaning supplies needed, your oven will be sparkling clean! Big thanks to The Kitchn for testing out this method and reinforcing the fact that it actually works. Another great cleaning hack to add to my list!