How To Clean Your Bathtub Using Dawn Dish Soap

source: YouTube/The Buckinghams

This may sound sarcastic, but I actually love cleaning. I find cleaning very meditative and I’m one of those people who cannot relax unless the space around me is clean and tidy. There is, however, one cleaning chore that I always procrastinate tackling – cleaning the bathtub.

source: One Good Thing By Jillee

Over time, your bathtub becomes coated in a layer of soap scum and mildew that can be so difficult to remove. Fortunately, one simple hack will help you cut through that grime and leave your tub sparkling clean. All you need is Dawn dish soap and a broom with plastic bristles.

source: Simple Most/Anna Weaver

Squirt a generous amount of dish soap on the sides of your tub. You can also do the bottom of your tub afterwards, but be very careful not to slip as the dish soap will make the surfaces very slippery. Take the broom and work the soap into the sides and base of the tub. Just like the dish soap cuts through grease and food residue on your dishes, it removes the buildup of soap scum and mildew like nobody’s business.

source: Apartment Therapy/Minette Hand

In the past, I’ve had to wear a mask and use a scrub brush and bleach to get through the gross buildup on the tub and shower. This hack is a lot easier to work through! And it will leave your tub fresh and sparkling clean. Now that I know about this simple cleaning method, I don’t think I’ll be procrastinating this cleaning chore (as much)!