How To Remove Permanent Marker From Just About Anything

source: Stain Removal 101

If you have or have had a young child, chances are you’ve experienced that dreadful moment when you see them come wandering into the room holding a permanent marker. This moment is quickly followed by a sprint around the various rooms of your home, trying to identify just how much damage has been done. Or maybe, it was you who accidentally got permanent marker on something. Regardless of the case, permanent marker is extremely hard to remove. Until now!

Useful Tips shared a post via Facebook explaining the different ways to remove permanent marker from different surfaces.

For clothes, use hand sanitizer.

For walls, use toothpaste or hairspray.

For wood, use rubbing alcohol.

For carpet, use white vinegar.

For furniture, use milk.

For a white board, use a dry erase marker or a pencil’s rubber eraser.

For ceramic or glass, use 1 part of toothpaste with 1 part of baking soda.

Hopefully you don’t have to deal with permanent marker stains any time soon, but if you do, remember these helpful tips!