Want To Descale Your Keurig Machine? Here’s How

source: wikiHow

To me, my coffee maker is more like a best friend than an inanimate object. He’s there for me each and every morning, ready and waiting to brew me that much-needed cup of coffee. Who needs human friends when you have a coffee maker, right?!

Anyways, if you depend on your coffee maker to get you through the day, you need to ensure that you’re caring for it properly. And part of caring for it is, of course, cleaning it! If you have a regular, traditional coffee maker, click on the video below for instructions on how to descale it. Different coffee makers require different descaling products, and this video is a comprehensive guide on which products to use and how to begin the descaling process.

Like traditional coffee machines, Keurigs also produce a buildup of scales over time. Thankfully, Keurig has released a great video demonstrating how to properly descale their machines. Click on the video below to watch.

And finally, we’ve also rounded up a video from Nespresso themselves showing the best way to descale their machines. The video below demonstrates the recommended way to clean the “Pixie” model. Click here for the video on the “VertuoLine” model, and click here for the video on the “Lattissima” model.

There you have it! Now you have no excuse not to clean your coffee machine, regardless of which type you own. Get to descaling your coffee maker, and your warm beverages will taste even better.