16 Houseplants That Can Thrive With Little To No Sunlight

source: The Healthy Houseplant

Do you love indoor plants, but live somewhere that doesn’t get a ton of natural light? If so, don’t let this hinder your houseplant dreams! There are many different species of plants that can thrive with little to no sunlight. Here are 16 plant types to consider if your home doesn’t receive much sunlight.

1. Philodendron

source: The Spruce/Alexandra Shytsman

This vibrant, leafy green plant is happy to grow with little to no sunlight. They’re quite easy to care for, too.

2. Lucky Bamboo

source: Joy Us Garden

Lucky bamboo are beautiful stems that grow in water, not soil. Plus, no sunlight needed!

3. Spider Plant

source: Kate’s Garden

Spider plants are air-purifying and don’t need any direct sunlight in order to thrive.

4. Rubber Tree

source: Country Living Magazine

Rubber trees are big, beautiful plants that look great in large pots, and can even grow in shade.

5. Bromeliad

source: DIYs

Bromeliad plants thrive in shade. They’re a bright, vibrant, tropical-inspired plant that will add some color to your indoor spaces!

6. Boston Fern

source: Better Homes & Gardens/Dean Schoeppner

Lush boston ferns can thrive indoors with little to no light. In fact, their delicate leaves can become easily sunburned when exposed to too much light.

7. Orchid

source: Miracle-Gro

Orchids are relatively easy to care for, so long as you don’t over-water them or expose them to direct sunlight.

8. Peace Lily

source: House Beautiful via Getty Images/OsakaWayne Studios

The peace lily is another great air-purifying plant that thrives in shady spots.

9. Dracaena

source: The Spruce/Krystal Slagle

Dracaena plants are very low-maintenance. If you want a nice, tree-like plant that looks great in a big pot, this is the plant for you!

10. Snake Plant

source: Healthline via Getty Images/FeelPic

The low-light snake plant will also clean the air within your home. They need very little water in order to survive, making this a super easy-to-maintain plant.

11. Prayer Plant

source: The Healthy Houseplant

The striking, patterned leaves of the prayer plant are reason enough to add this plant to your collection! They prefer warmer temperatures, but don’t need any direct sunlight.

12. Golden Pothos

source: The Houseplant Resource Center

The golden pothos produces cascading tendrils of leaves, and looks wonderful in hanging planters! It can easily thrive in low to medium light exposure.

13. ZZ Plant

source: HGTV

I love the interestingly shaped leaves of the ZZ plant. This plant prefers warmer conditions, but can thrive in shade and with little to no watering.

14. Aloe Vera

source: Hello Glow

Aside from the many health benefits of the aloe vera plant, this plant tolerates low, medium, and full light, so the choice is yours!

15. Maidenhair Fern

source: Greener House

I have always loved the small, dainty leaves of the maidenhair fern. This plant does well in low-light conditions.

16. Calathea

source: Apartment Therapy via Shutterstock/sharohyip

And last but certainly not least, the calathea plant! This beauty prefers shade and thrives indoors.

If your home doesn’t have a ton of natural light, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep healthy, thriving plants! Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration for beautiful indoor plants that are super hearty.