How To Make Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats

source: Growing Up Gabel

Sweet potatoes are the definition of a superfood. They’re packed full of Vitamin A, fiber, and potassium – just to name a few of their superb nutritional qualities! Fortunately, sweet potatoes also happen to be very delicious. We eat sweet potatoes at least two times a week in my family for these very reasons.

source: Health Magazine

Another great thing about sweet potatoes? They can be turned into natural, healthy treats for your dog! Dogs love the sweet taste, and you’ll love that you aren’t feeding your furry friend anything filled with secretly bad ingredients.

source: Parsnips and Pastries

ZippyPaws has shared a great recipe for sweet potato treats, and explains that dogs love the chewy texture of dehydrated sweet potato slices. Check out the video below to see this easy recipe in action. Trust us, your pet pal will thank you!