Many People Are Hanging Bags Of Water Above Their Doors To Deter Bugs

source: YouTube/Cornelia Sue Riehl

I don’t know about you, but it feels like every summer, the bugs just get worse and worse. You might even avoid going outside after dinner — when the bugs all seem to multiply and begin plotting their attacks.

However, you shouldn’t have to risk spending time outdoors because of irritating pests. Instead, try this super cheap and easy hack from Newsner to discourage bugs from hanging out in and around your house.

Here’s what you’ll need for this simple project:

  • heavy-duty freezer bag
  • sprinkle of table salt
  • splash of lime juice
  • a few coins
  • water

First, fill the freezer bag with all of the other items on the list. After sealing it, hang the bag above your door or anywhere else near your house that is prone to insects. Wherever you choose to hang the bag, just make sure that the spot is somewhere that reflects sunlight. If you want to hang the bag somewhere in your house, indoor lights will also do the trick.

If you’re wondering how on earth hanging a bag filled with water could possibly detract flies, here’s the deal. When the water and coins reflect back into the bugs’ eyes, they become disoriented. They have a hard time seeing and flying, so they quickly learn to avoid the area with the hanging bag. The best part about this hack is that it’s completely humane — no chemicals or bug-killing required!

Although you may get some funny looks and a few questions, people who try this hack swear by it. After all, if you could protect your favorite outdoor spaces to read, barbecue, or simply relax outdoors in peace, why wouldn’t you?

It’s important to remember that bugs (specifically flies) carry a ton of bacteria. The second they land on anything, they’re transporting that bacteria to your food, skin, and any other surface. In addition to carrying tons of germs, they also lay eggs where they land. And those eggs eventually turn into maggots. Ew.

So if you’re looking to protect yourself from these pesky problems, give this hack a try. Although citronella candles can work for brief periods of time, this method is far more useful. And for another tip: Flies hate the smell of basil. It may be worthwhile to display a few basil plants around your favorite outdoor spaces. Plus, you’ll have plenty of fresh herbs for cooking.

Sounds like a win-win to me!