14+ Herbs, Veggies, And Other Plants That Will Grow In Water

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Try as I might, I’ve never had much of a green thumb. From time to time, even the most hardy of succulents will wilt and die under my care. So, needless to say, if a plant wants to live in my home, it has to be extremely easy to care for and also quite resilient. Thankfully, there are a number of plant varieties that will live and grow in only water – no soil required! Here are 15 herbs, vegetables, and other plants that only need some light and a jar of water in order to thrive.

1. Green Onion

source: AllRecipes / Photo by Vanessa Greaves

When you’ve cut up a green onion, place the remaining white, stem-like part (and its little hairy roots) in a jar of water in full sun. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the onion will begin to regenerate. Be sure to change the water every few days, as it can become quite oily over time.

2. Sage

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You can place sage trimmings in a jar of water in a well-ventilated area that receives full light. You’ll have fresh sage to use for cooking all year long!

3. Basil

source: Wonder How To – Food Hacks / The Urban Gardener

Cut basil tends to go bad before you use the whole container. Thankfully, you can easily grow it in a jar of water in full sun. Just place some trimmings into a jar of water before they begin to flower, and you’ll have access to fresh basil!

4. Aluminum Plant

source: Smart Garden Guide / Shutterstock

Aluminum plant is another plant variety that thrives in water. Just place some trimmings in a jar of water in full sun and admire its beauty!

5. Peppermint

source: Small Green Things

Peppermint is quite a low-maintenance plant that is also happy to grow in water. Just place trimmings in a jar of water in full sun, and watch it grow.

6. Thyme

source: Foodal / Shutterstock

When thyme is at its greenest, place some clippings in a jar of water with full sun (before it begins to flower). Be sure to add water as needed.

7. Celery

source: Balcony Garden Web

Similar to green onion, celery is another vegetable that will grow in just water. Place the base of a celery stalk in a jar of water in full sun, and it will grow quite quickly.

8. Pothos

source: The Practical Planter

Pothos will easily grow in just water. Place a clipping in a generous amount of water and place in full sun. You’ll have the start of a whole new pothos plant!

9. Chinese Evergreen

source: The Spruce / Jerry Pavia/Getty Images

Chinese evergreen is another plant that will willingly grow in water. Just place some clippings in a large jar or container of water in full sun.

10. Rosemary

source: The Garden Bench

Place some rosemary trimmings in a jar of water in full sun, and you’ll be able to enjoy fresh rosemary throughout all four seasons!

11. Lavender

source: Get Busy Gardening

Lavender is yet another lovely herb-plant variety that can be trimmed and regrown in water. Think of the lovely scents that will be floating throughout your home!

12. Arrowhead

source: Our House Plants

If you place arrowhead plant trimmings in a jar of water in full sun, the plant will begin to regenerate!

13. Tarragon

source: Gardener’s Path / Photo by Lorna Kring

Tarragon is a delicious, flavorful herb that does well when grown in water. Cut trimmings in the spring, place in water in full light, and voila!

14. Spider Plant

source: Get Busy Gardening

Spider plants do well in water – as long as you give them enough room. Place trimmings in a large glass container (fishbowls actually work quite well) in full light.

15. Oregano

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

And last but not least, the mighty oregano! This herb is a cooking essential, especially when it comes to making pasta sauce. Just place fresh clippings in a jar of water and in full sun.

Now that you know about these plant varieties that thrive in just water, you can have fresh herbs, vegetables, and beautiful plants in your home all year long. Happy growing!