14+ Hacks That Everyone With A Smartphone Should Know About

sources: KTLA / Flickr

Cellphones have certainly come a long way since their existence. Nowadays, smartphones are basically like mini computers. They can do absolutely everything for us, but they’re not always the easiest to operate. However, once you’ve learned about these 15 smartphone hacks, you’ll view your phone in an entirely new way!

1. Speed Up The Charging Process

source: Business Insider / Flickr

To charge your phone in a fraction of the time, switch it to airplane mode before you plug it in.

2. Protect Your Phone

If you’re going to the beach or spending a day at the pool, put your phone in a Ziploc bag. The bag will help protect your phone from moisture and water damage.

3. DIY Phone Holder

If you need to use your phone for directions while you’re driving, use an elastic band to fasten your phone to the air vent.

4. Boost Your Signal

If you’re in an area with poor reception, switch your phone to airplane mode before turning it off. This will help your phone to find the strongest signal in the area.

5. Clean Your Phone

source: DIY Home Life

Since we’re on our phones all the time, it’s important to keep them free of germs. Spray some rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth and wipe down every part of your phone.

6. Preserve Your Battery

To preserve your phone’s battery, turn down the brightness. You won’t believe how much battery a high brightness will eat up.

7. Exit Out Of Apps

Another great way to preserve your phone’s battery is by exiting out of apps you’re not using. Having apps open, if you’re not actively using them, is a quick way to drain your phone’s battery.

8. Use “Find My Phone”

Ensure you download the app “Find My Phone.” If your phone goes missing, you’ll be able to track its location via another smartphone.

9. Amplify Your Alarm

source: Flickr

If you find yourself sleeping through your alarm, put your phone in an empty cup before you go to bed. The cup will amplify the sound of your alarm.

10. Delete Messages

It’s important to delete text messages after a certain period of time. They take up a ton of storage space that you could be using for photos or apps.

11. Screenshot Directions

Using navigation apps like Google Maps take up a ton of battery and data. Before you leave the house, screenshot the directions to avoid both of those things.

12. Find Your Parking Space

If you’re parking in a crowded lot or leaving your car in airport parking, take a photo of your parking space. That way, you’ll have a much easier time finding your parking spot later.

13. Set Emergency Settings

source: KTLA

On most smartphones, you can access emergency settings that can be opened by hospital staff, etc. even when your phone is locked. This will let them know who you are, if you have any medical conditions, and who to contact. Click here to find out more.

14. Improve Video Audio

To improve the audio quality when you’re recording videos, hold your finger lightly over the microphone. This will muffle background noise and improve the quality of the noise you’re actually wanting to capture.

15. Save On Data

If you find you’re going over your data every month, go into your settings and look through all of your apps. Many apps use location services and a ton of data that you can switch off when they’re not in use.