11 Hasselback Chicken Recipes That Are Perfect For Making Dinner In A Pinch

source: YouTube/olive magazine

In case you’re unfamiliar with hasselback chicken, it’s basically a chicken breast with a bunch of slits that are stuffed with delicious ingredients. There’s also hasselback potatoes, and they’re equally yummy! But today, we’re here to give you 11 recipes for hasselback chicken that are quick, simple, and can be easily made on a busy weeknight.

1. Tomato And Mozzarella

There are few food combinations more delicious than tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. This recipe for tomato and mozzarella hasselback chicken is as amazing as it sounds, plus, it’s quite healthy.

2. Mushroom And Onion

source: Paleo Hacks

Portobello mushrooms, sweet onion, and garlic? Say no more! Not only is this recipe simple and quick, but it’s also Paleo diet-friendly.

3. Spinach And Goat Cheese

This spinach and goat cheese hasselback chicken is savory, cheesy, and full of flavor. It’s super easy to make and is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

4. Hasselback Chicken Florentine

source: Appehtite

Some smoked ham, baby spinach, and gruyere cheese is all you need to make this unique hasselback chicken recipe. I think I’m drooling already.

5. Barbecue Cheddar

Because what could be better than chicken, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and bacon?! Not much. This Betty Crocker recipe is as drool-worthy as it sounds.

6. Pesto And Mozzarella

source: Tablespoon

For a simple yet flavorful weeknight dinner, this pesto and mozzarella hasselback chicken recipe is definitely your best bet.

7. Jalapeno Popper

Are you a fan of spice? If so, this creamy, cheesy, and kickin’ recipe for jalapeno popper hasselback chicken is calling your name.

8. Baked Honey And Lime

Not only is this baked honey and lime hasselback chicken packed full of interesting flavors, but it’s also extremely low-carb and healthy.

9. Spinach And Artichoke

Why is it that chicken, artichokes, and spinach go so well together? Sprinkle with a little cheese, and this recipe is bound to be one of your new favorites.

10. Philly Cheese “Steak”

source: Belly Full

Provolone cheese, bell peppers, and onion is all you need to make this mouthwatering Philly cheese “steak” chicken!

11. Spinach Bacon Ricotta

source: Snap Guide

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the combination of spinach, bacon, and ricotta cheese that seriously appeals to me. This recipe gets an A+!