12+ Handyman Solutions To Common House And Home Problems

sources: The Family Handyman / Look Into

Homeowners are tasked with finding solutions to the many inevitable house problems that will arise over the years. While it’s easy to call up a handyman or contractor when you need something done, it’s also quite expensive. Thankfully there are lots of DIY solutions out there to help you take on the problems yourself!

1. Tackle A Rusty Screw

source: RedBubble/John Newson

If you’re struggling with a rusty screw that just won’t budge, try pouring some distilled vinegar over top of it. The vinegar will help to loosen it up.

2. DIY Hole Patch

source: Instructables

To patch a small hole in the wall without putty or hole filler, mix together some baking soda and super glue. Apply the solution to the hole and wipe away any excess.

3. Clean An Oil Stain

source: Molly Maid

If you (or your car) spill oil in your driveway, dump some kitty litter over top and use your shoes or a shovel to crush it up a little. After about 20 minutes, sweep up the litter and scrub at the spot with hot, soapy water before rinsing.

4. Unclog A Toilet

source: American Fire

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never fun, but you don’t necessarily have to call a plumber. Pour about a cup of liquid dish soap into the toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour. The dish soap should loosen the clog right up.

5. Fix A Swaying Cupboard Door

source: K&J Magnetics, Inc.

If you have a stubborn cupboard door that just won’t stay shut, you can buy a magnet system that clips to the inside of your cupboard door for less than $10.

6. Leaking Basement

source: This Old House

If you notice your basement leaks water after a heavy rain, your downspout is likely sitting too close to your home’s foundation. Use an extension piece to ensure the water is flowing farther away from the foundation.

7. Refresh Baseboards

source: Making It Lovely

Over time, everyone’s baseboards will start to look scratched, dented, and dinged up. Simply wipe some putty over the scratches, sand any excess once dry, and swipe on a coat of paint.

8. Deodorize Garbage Disposal

source: Hello Splendid

It’s not surprising that garbage disposals will eventually start to stink. Simply sprinkle some baking soda down the spout and follow it with some lemon rinds and distilled vinegar. All of these things will work together to clean and deodorize the garbage disposal.

9. Clean Rusty Stainless Steel

source: Bar Keepers Friend

If you’ve left something rusty in your stainless steel sink, the sink itself might become stained. Scrub the stain with a mixture of baking soda and distilled vinegar to get rid of it.

10. DIY Cabinet Bumpers

source: Look Into

To prevent your cabinet doors from banging shut, place a dab of hot glue in each corner. Once dry, they’ll serve as little bumpers.

11. Free A Stripped Screw

source: wikiHow

To free a screw that’s been stripped, place an elastic band over top. The elastic will help give the screwdriver some much needed grip.

12. Deodorize The Washing Machine

source: Web Questions

If your washing machine has taken on a damp, musty smell, ensure you are leaving the door open after each use. You can also use a rag and some distilled vinegar to wipe down the seal every couple of weeks.

13. Fix A Squeaky Hinge

source: The Family Handyman

To silence a squeaky hinge, spray the metal hardware with a lubricant – or simply use some Vaseline!

Now that you know these handyman-inspired tips, hopefully you’re well equipped to tackle these little home repair jobs yourself!