4 Hacks To Keep Laundry From Turning Into A Twisted Mess

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On occasion, it can feel like doing laundry is a sort of art form. We’re constantly trying methods so that our clothing doesn’t shrink, colors don’t bleed, and everything dries like it’s supposed to. You’ve probably noticed that washing bedding and clothing with long sleeves often results in a giant, twisted mess once the cycle is complete. Thankfully, there are a few things you can practice to stop this from happening.

1. Don’t Overload The Washing Machine

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If you jam pack a ton of clothing or bedding into your washing machine, the items have much less of a chance to move around the machine during the wash cycle. When they can’t move, they end up twisting into one another. Only fill your machine with a moderate amount of clothing or bedding to prevent this from happening.

2. Cut Back On The Detergent

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Although detergent helps our laundry to become clean, using too much can cause your clothing and bedding to stick together. Use a conservative amount of detergent to keep your laundry from forming one giant ball.

3. Mesh Garment Bags

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You’re probably aware that washing your delicates in mesh bags helps to protect them so that they last longer. However, you can also use mesh bags to wash bedding and other twist-prone laundry to keep the items from knotting together.

4. Shorter Cycles

If your washing machine has the option, set your laundry to a shorter cycle. The less amount of time your clothing and linens are tumbling around in there, the less likely they will be to become tangled. Pretty simple!