14 Ways To Use Tension Rods Throughout Your Home

source: Musings From A French Cottage

When you think of a tension rod, you may think of a boring piece of hardware that’s really only good for hanging shower curtains from. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are tons of creative and useful ways to use tension rods throughout your home – here are 14 wonderful ideas!

1. Hanging Herb Garden

source: Brooklyn Limestone

The majority of herbs need a fair amount of light in order to thrive. Simply secure a tension rod in your window, and hang potted herbs from the rod!

2. Drying Rack

source: Decor Pad via City Homes Design

You can easily string up a tension rod in your laundry room to have a convenient place to hang drying clothes.

3. Expand Cupboard Storage

source: Home and Life Tips

To increase storage space, add a tension rod to the inside of a cupboard. It’s a great way to hang spray bottles, cleaning supplies, and more.

4. Cutting Board Storage

source: Shelterness

Secure tension rods vertically to store and separate cutting boards, baking sheets, platters, and more.

5. Jewelry Organizer

source: Engineer Your Space

Instead of keeping jewelry in a tangled pile, secure tension rods in your closet and hang your jewelry from them.

6. Hidden Litter Box

source: Zillow

Let’s face it – litter boxes aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. However, you can use a tension rod underneath a table and hang mini curtains from it to hide an unsightly litter box.

7. DIY Shoe Rack

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Use two tension rods horizontally to store shoes! It’s a lot cheaper than buying a shoe rack or shelf.

8. Craft Storage

source: Reader’s Digest via iStock/Rocky89

Horizontally placed tension rods are great for hanging up craft supplies, wrapping supplies, and more.

9. Faux Window Awning

source: Musings From A French Cottage

Two tension rods spaced slightly apart will give you a faux awning look for over a window! Click here for the simple tutorial.

10. Hanging Mugs

source: One Kings Lane

Free up cabinet space by using a tension rod and some shower curtain hooks to hang your mugs.

11. Curtain Door

source: McGuckin Hardware

There’s no need to install a closet door – just use a tension rod and single curtain panel instead!

12. Paper Towel Holder

source: The Organized Home

A tension rod makes the perfect paper towel holder. Just secure it horizontally in a cabinet or deep drawer.

13. DIY Bed Skirt

source: Blogspot/Seagrass Interiors

If you have basic sewing knowledge, a few tension rods and the fabric of your choosing will get you a DIY bed skirt!

14. Scarf Hanger

source: HGTV/Andy Vinson of Loch & Key Productions

When you store your scarves in a bin or basket, you have to dig through the whole pile to find the one you’re looking for. A better option is to hang them from tension rods. When you can clearly see your selection, you’ll be more likely to wear each one.