Gardener Shares Clever Hack For Planting Seeds In Garden Beds And Planter Boxes

sources: Garden Gate Magazine / Facebook/Rachel Egland

I’m so happy that with each year, I seem to love gardening more and more. There’s just something so peaceful about spending time in nature, surrounded by living, growing things and breathing in that fresh air. That being said, I’m always on the lookout for gardening tips and tricks to help make my flower beds and planter boxes look even nicer and neater.

source: People/Gabrielle Friedman

Gardener Rachel Egland took to Facebook to share a genius hack for planting seeds that I honestly wish I’d known about years ago. But, better late than never! Rachel was planting carrot, beet, and parsnip seeds in a raised planter box. When planting seeds in a limited space (which is generally every time you’re planting anything in a raised planter box), she uses a mini muffin tin and presses the tin into the soil. This creates neat rows of seed holes that you can simply sprinkle soil over top of after placing seeds in the holes. How nice is it to save the time and effort digging lots of individual seed holes?!

source: Facebook/Rachel Egland

Another great gardening hack? Sprinkle cinnamon on the soil around seedlings when they start to sprout. Cinnamon helps to fight plant disease and ward off fungus.

source: Balcony Garden Web | The Rusted Garden Blogspot

I learned this potted plant hack a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. Potted plants need a hole in the bottom of the pot to allow the water to drain properly. However, this can lead to spilling soil everywhere. The solution? Plop a coffee filter into the bottom of the pot before adding soil. The water will still be able to drain through, but it will keep your soil from spilling out everywhere.

source: Paisley & Sparrow

And, I’ll leave you with one more awesome gardening hack for good measure! Going away for a few days, and don’t want your potted plants to wilt and die? Fill an empty wine bottle with water, then quickly flip the bottle upside down and stick the mouth of the bottle into the soil, leaving the bottle at a slight angle. The plant will slowly drink the water as needed while you’re away. Pretty cool, right?

source: The Garden Glove

Hopefully these simple yet effective gardening hacks help to make your plants, flowers, and veggies grow big and strong this season! And now, it’s time for me to get off of this computer and into the yard to tend to our plants. Happy gardening!