14 Creatures And Characters To Add To Your Garden

source: unknown

We could all use a little bit more fun in our lives, right? Well, that’s my opinion, anyways. So for this reason, I decided to compile a list of 14 fun creatures and characters you can DIY and add to your garden and outdoor spaces. They will definitely put a smile on your face – I promise!

1. Painted Ladybug Rocks

source: Crafts by Amanda

You don’t need to have much artistic talent to make these adorable ladybug rocks! They would add such a cute element to any garden.

2. Painted Snail Rock

source: Etsy/NightOwlFineArt / Cynthia Snider- Artist/Facebook

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at a painted snail rock like this one!

3. Flower Pot People

source: Hobbycraft Blog

What a darling idea! Flower pot people would be a super cute addition to anyone’s garden. Click here for the tutorial.

4. Life-Size Flower Pot People

source: The Micro Gardener

And speaking of flower pot people, check out these life-size versions! They look so perfect sitting on that bench.

5. Mini Garden Gnomes

source: SkyeCrafts / Apartment Therapy

These mini DIY gnomes would be oh so cute placed among your plants in the garden.

6. Silverware Dragonfly

source: Dishfunctional Designs / Mudgoddess/Facebook

Keep your eye out for old silverware at antique stores or flea markets. It can be upcycled into these simplistic yet beautiful dragonflies that would look incredible attached to a fence or shed.

7. Minion Tire Planters

source: Sweet Things

My kids would go wild over these DIY minion planters made from old tires. Find the directions here. You can also check creative ways to repurpose old tires into beautiful garden decor.

8. Rain Barrel People

source: Lushome

These painted rain barrel people immediately put a smile on my face! Find more ideas here.

9. Golf Ball Bugs

source: Empress of Dirt

These golf ball bugs would look delightful scattered among your plants! Click here for the simple tutorial.

10. DIY Tin Man

source: Flickr/Photography by Vita

Some old tin cans and a little bit of creativity will get you a beloved DIY tin man!

11. Garden Angel

source: Pinterest/Decor Object

An old shutter, some miscellaneous wood, and a vintage china plate can help you create a DIY garden angel. So lovely!

12. Log Bunny

source: Instructables / Houtje Boom – Be Creative/YouTube

These DIY log bunnies are surprisingly really easy to make! Find the step-by-step tutorial here.

13. Garden Maiden

source: Our Fairfield Home & Garden

I absolutely love this whimsical garden maiden – a much more chic version of a scarecrow! Click here for the tutorial.

14. Rustic Log Deer

source: DIY Network/Emily Fazio

These rustic-inspired deer made from different sizes of logs would look great in your yard through all four seasons. Find the tutorial here.

I hope these fun and whimsical ideas have given you some DIY inspiration that you can apply to your own garden and yard. Enjoy!