6 Delicious Types Of Fruit You Can Easily Grow Yourself

source: Gardeners' World

One of my goals for this year is to become a little more self-sufficient. It’s easy and convenient to buy everything, but why not grow some of your own food if you have the ability? Fortunately, you don’t need a huge property or a greenhouse to grow your own fruit – here are six fruit trees and vines that you can easily grow in your house or yard!

1. Watermelon

source: Plant Instructions

Watermelon grows on a vine, and will happily attach itself to a trellis on your porch or along a fence. Watermelon are pretty easy to grow – they like full sun and moist soil. Imagine getting to eat juicy, delicious, home-grown watermelon!

2. Strawberries

source: Gardeners’ World

Strawberries are pretty simple to grow – you can grow them inside or out, so long as they get lots and lots of sun. Water and fertilize regularly, and be sure to plant them in a roomy pot so they don’t become overcrowded.

3. Figs

source: Gardening Know How / iStock

Fig trees will generally do pretty well when planted in large containers. Be sure that the pot has good drainage, and water one to two times per week.

4. Papaya

source: Through the Mirror

Papaya trees can be grown in a large pot both indoors and out, so long as the temperature is warm, they’re placed in full sun, and you’re watering them regularly.

5. Grapes

source: Plant Instructions

Grapes can be grown in large containers, but they’ll need a trellis or something else that the vine can grow along. Water deeply and regularly, and choose a warm, sunny spot.

6. Lemons

source: Apartment Therapy

Lemon trees will grow both indoors and out, but they need to be planted in a pot with good drainage, receive full sun at least some parts of the day, and be misted with water on a regular basis.

Well, that settles that – time to order some fruit seeds and trees! Not only would it be wonderful to grow and harvest your own fruit, but fruit trees and vines also make beautiful additions to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Happy growing!