How To Expertly Fold A Fitted Sheet In Less Than Two Minutes

source: Boll & Branch

Fitted sheets are just one of those things that we never know what to do with. Because of their elastic edges, when we try to fold them, they always just end up looking like a giant ball of fabric. And if you’re somewhat of a neat freak, you probably don’t like seeing that when you open up your linen closet.

Fortunately for us, Jill Cooper from Living on a Dime found a foolproof method for properly folding a fitted sheet. Jill reveals that the trick for folding a fitted sheet effectively is to “tuck the 4 corners into each other, smooth the sides as best as you can, and continue on.” She also suggests folding the sheet on a table, bed, or other flat surface, just to make the process a little easier.

Although it may seem silly to actually educate yourself on how to fold a fitted sheet, folding it in a more compact manner can help to save a ton of space in a linen closet or drawer. Jill also suggests that once you’ve folded your fitted sheet, you can add it (along with the flat sheet and one pillowcase) to another pillowcase. That way, you’ll have an entire bedding set conveniently stored in one pillowcase for the next time you go to use it.

Click here to watch the full tutorial from Living on a Dime to see the simple steps involved in folding a fitted sheet. The video has almost 20,000,000 views, so it’s obvious that this method works!

If you want to further organize your linen closet, consider storing your sheet sets in labeled baskets so that you know which bedroom they belong in. You can also dedicate each shelf to a different category (ex. one shelf for sheet sets, one shelf for comforters, one shelf for throw pillows, one shelf for sleeping pillows, etc.).

There are many simple steps you can take in your daily life to become better organized, and learning to properly fold a fitted sheet is just one of them!