How To Expertly Organize The Freezer Using Magazine Holders

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I cannot stand food waste. That’s why whenever we have leftovers, I always do my best to properly freeze anything and everything so that we can defrost and eat it at a later date. Because of this (and paired with the fact that I have a husband with a huge appetite and two kids), my freezer always seems to be packed to the brim with frozen fruit, sauces, soups, meat, vegetables, and of course, ice cream bars. Whenever I’m looking for something specific, I generally have to dig through the shelves and piles of food before eventually finding what I’m looking for.

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But, finding a bag of frozen peas doesn’t have to be a treasure hunt! Founders of the Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, shared a genius freezer organizing hack with Pure Wow. They suggest using plastic magazine holders to store frozen goods in pull-out freezers (the drawer-style freezers). I think it would also work pretty well for traditional freezers, too!

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If you think about it, this makes perfect sense – you can use the magazine holders either standing up or lying on their sides, depending on how much space you’re working with. They’re an excellent size for frozen food that comes in boxes, such as frozen pizzas, ice cream bars, and single-serve meals. Plus, you can group them by category: use one holder for frozen veggies, one for breakfast items like frozen hash browns, waffles, and bacon, one for pizza, and so forth.

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Fortunately, these magazine holders are also pretty cheap. You can find them on Amazon for $39.99 for a pack of four. Seems pretty reasonable for professional-level freezer organization! Thanks for sharing this simple yet clever organizing hack, Clea, Joanna, and Pure Wow. I can’t wait to get started on overhauling my freezer!