How To Effectively Clean Your Shower With A DIY Solution

source: Better Homes & Gardens

Everyone has a least favorite house chore. This is the chore that you continuously put off because you hate doing it, which ultimately just makes the chore that much less enjoyable. For me, that chore is cleaning the shower. I hate scrubbing the mildew and dirt stains from the base and walls of the shower, and I always end up with a sore back and knees afterwards. Fortunately, there’s a shower cleaning hack that will make the job far more bearable.

source: YouTube/Katie Sottile

YouTuber and DIYer Katie Sottile found this shower cleaning hack on Pinterest and has been using it ever since. To try this hack for yourself, all you need is three products: liquid dish soap, distilled vinegar, and one of those scrub brushes for dishes with the built-in soap dispenser. All you have to do is pour some dish soap and vinegar into the soap dispenser. Then you’re ready to scrub!

source: YouTube/Katie Sottile

The best part about this hack is that the combination of vinegar and dish soap makes the scrubbing part far easier. The vinegar will naturally disinfect your shower, while the dish soap combats grime, mildew, and other shower residue. When you’re done using your scrub brush, all you have to do is rinse thoroughly (because that dish soap will make things slippery!). To see Katie’s simple yet effective cleaning hack in action, check out the video below.