How To Get Rid Of Ants In The House Easily

source: Mashup Mom

Dealing with ants (and other pests) inside your home is just about as annoying as it gets. When these pesky bugs make their way inside our homes, they can seemingly multiply overnight. Professional exterminators are super pricey and tend to use harsh, often dangerous chemicals. The alternative? This cheap, simple, DIY solution.

You will need:

32 oz cup of warm water

1/8 cup of Borax

1/4 cup of sugar

source: PestWiki


Mix the three ingredients together. Place cotton balls in the mixture to absorb it. Place the cotton balls around any areas where you have noticed ants or other pests. The ants will be attracted to the mixture and will take it back to their nest to feed the rest of the colony. Once this happens, they will all die.

source: LittleThings Facebook/Marcia Holtsclaw

*Be sure that wherever you place the cotton balls is not accessible to children or pets.*

This is truly the easiest, quickest method of ridding ants from your home. Try it out for yourself, and don’t forget to share this information with friends who are dealing with a similar problem!