9 Super Easy DIY Spice Blends

source: Womens Health

Once you have a few spices in your pantry, you can make a ton of different spice blends. Customized spice blends can add unique flavor to every dish, and making your own is far cheaper than buying pre-made, store-bought versions. That’s where this list of spice blends comes in!

source: Santa Cruz Ayurveda

We suggest printing out this chart and keeping it tucked in your pantry or recipe book. When you’re cooking, take a look at these different spice blends and spruce up chicken, fish, pork, beef, veggies, and more! There’s even a pumpkin pie spice blend that’s perfect for baking fall flavor-inspired desserts.

So the next time you’re sick of boring old salt and pepper, take a scan through this list and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner more interesting! I don’t know about you, but the curry blend is the one I’m dying to try first.

source: Homemaking.com