7 Great Dusting Hacks For A Cleaner Home

source: Happy Money Saver

Dusting is definitely my least favorite household chore. It’s so tedious and time consuming, and I always end up sneezing a bunch of times. If you feel the same way about dusting, the following hacks will make the job more enjoyable and your house dust-free!

1. Paintbrush

source: Popsugar / Getty images

For hard-to-reach places and items with a lot of nooks and crannies, a paintbrush makes for the perfect dusting tool.

2. Pillowcase

source: Advanced Ceiling Systems

To dust the blades of your ceiling fan, use an old pillowcase to slide over each blade. The pillow case will trap the dust so that it doesn’t get all over your room.

3. Sock

source: Today Show

Place an old sock over your hand and use it to dust those pesky blinds!

4. Cotton Gloves

Spray some cotton gloves with glass cleaner, put them on, and use them to wipe fragile objects like light fixtures and chandeliers.

5. Dryer Sheets

source: Boredom Therapy / The Penny Hoarder

Dryer sheets are great for removing dust from the screens of your computer, TV, and other electronics.

6. Microfiber Cloth

source: Housewife How-To’s / iStock

Microfiber cloths are great for wiping down baseboards and dusting the surfaces within your vehicle.

7. Baby Wipes

If your computer keyboard has seen better days, use a baby wipe to get all the gunk, dust, and other residue from in between your keys.