The Doctor-Approved Trick To Keeping Your Band-Aids In Place

source: YouTube/The Doctors

It’s never fun getting a scrape or cut, particularly on your hands or fingers. Practically every time you wash your hands, you have to apply a new band-aid. Band-aids are wonderful creations, but they rarely stay put. Until now, that is! This doctor-approved trick is definitely something you’ll want to remember for the next time you, your kids, or your grandkids get a cut or scrape.

Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors explains that after you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the cut in question, you should make two small cuts on each end of a band-aid. Each cut should end up being about 1cm away from the middle gauze part of the band-aid.

Once you’ve made your band-aid cuts, place your actual cut in the center of the gauze part of the band-aid. Then, put one of the bottom band-aid cuts on your skin. Repeat with the other side so that both bottom parts of the band-aid have crossed over each other. Then, simply put the upper cuts of the band-aid on top of one another.

The end result? A securely fastened band-aid that won’t be going anywhere, no matter how much you move your hands, or how many times you wash them! To see this genius hack in action, click on the video below.