How To Make DIY Sidewalk Chalk With Just 2 Ingredients

source: YouTube/Kin

If the COVID-19 situation has taught me anything, it’s that anyone with kids should have a giant box filled with crafts, games, and toys. My kids were pretty good for the first few weeks, but they’re now going stir crazy – and I honestly can’t blame them. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for at-home activities that will keep them busy and entertained. And that’s exactly why I can’t wait to start on this project.

source: Susan Evans Blog

Kin shared a ridiculously simple tutorial for making your own sidewalk chalk that only requires two ingredients. If you don’t have these ingredients, you can order them online from just about any craft store. But if you have a kids’ craft kit in your house, chances are, you already have them! Plaster of Paris and tempera paint are the only ingredients you’ll need, plus some water. You’ll also need one of those flexible, rubber ice cube trays.

source: YouTube/Kin

All you have to do is add some plaster of Paris into a cup, then add in a bit of water until the solution turns into a thick liquid. Next, add in a small amount of tempera paint to create your colors. When that’s all mixed up, pour the solution into your ice cube tray, using a knife to smooth out the tops and clear away any excess.

source: YouTube/Kin

Let the solution set overnight. In the morning, gently press out the chalk cubes, and you’ve got yourself some homemade chalk! How easy was that? Check out the video below to see this tutorial in action.

As a note, don’t pour any of the leftover solution down the drain – it will solidify in your pipes, potentially causing a large blockage. Throw out any leftover solution in the garbage instead. Hopefully this simple and easy hack will give your kids hours of entertainment, creating fun drawings on your driveway or the sidewalk. I can’t wait to make this with my kids!