How To Make A DIY Natural Tick Deterrent Spray

source: MommyPotamus

Experts believe that 2018 is bound to be one of the worst years for tick populations to-date. Why? Well, generally milder winters and the ban of many common pesticides are allowing tick populations to thrive. Although we do have to be wary of ticks and the diseases they carry, you can protect yourself against these nasty pests with your own DIY tick deterrent spray.

There are many natural oils that ticks absolutely despise. Among these are cedarwood oil, geranium oil, and tea tree oil. The tick deterrent we’re going to focus on today involves tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can be found at most drug stores and natural health stores. It’s a very potent oil, so it’s no wonder that ticks can’t stand it. To make a homemade spray that will keep ticks away, mix together one part tea tree oil to two parts water (0r more) in a spray bottle. It’s best to use a glass spray bottle so no chemicals from the plastic seep into the solution over time.

With a solution this potent, it’s best to limit this spray to your shoes, socks, pant cuffs, or other pieces of clothing that could come into contact with tick habitats. Since tea tree oil is a very powerful oil, it’s important to dilute it before it comes into contact with your skin. Click here to find a skin-friendly tea tree oil tick deterrent spray how-to.

At some point in your life, you may spot a tick on yourself. If you do, don’t panic. Before removing the tick, it’s important that you drown it first before attempting to pluck it out. Pour rubbing alcohol, Vaseline, or olive oil over the tick. Wait about 10 minutes, then use tweezers to carefully pull the tick out. You want the tick to drown first so that the head doesn’t get stuck.

If you’re concerned that a tick found on you or your pet may be carrying lyme disease or another disease, put the tick in an airtight bag or container and bring it to your doctor or veterinarian. They will be able to test the tick for diseases and advise you on your next steps.

Remember, tick season is upon us! But if you practice an ounce of prevention and regularly check yourself, your family, and your pets, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer without constantly battling these nasty critters.