11 Pallet Fence Projects Anyone Can Build

sources: Flickr/jctaylor.co.uk / The Hrtechnologist

Whenever I’m driving around and see that someone’s dumped a pile of old wood pallets on the side of the road, I always screech to a halt and toss them in the back of my truck. Wood pallets can be used for so many cool projects around your home and yard, and make for a very inexpensive fencing solution. Here are 11 pallet fence DIYs that you can easily complete as a fun weekend project!

1. Chicken Run

source: Attainable Sustainable

Wood pallets are an inexpensive way to build a chicken run attached to your chicken coop! Click here for this simple DIY.

2. Garden Gate

source: Instructables

Prevent critters from eating veggies out of your garden by building a wood pallet fence!

3. Pig Or Goat Pen

source: Self-Reliant Homesteading / Photobucket

If you need an enclosure for goats, pigs, or other small farm animals, wood pallets are a great option.

4. Privacy Wall

source: The Hrtechnologist

Old wooden pallets can be painted and repurposed to construct a backyard privacy wall.

5. Backyard Gate

source: HomeTalk

This is a cheap and easy way to build a backyard gate, especially adjacent to a driveway.

6. Herb Garden

source: One Island

What a clever way to grow herbs! This also keeps them above ground-level, so they are less likely to be eaten by critters.

7. Painted Fence

source: Flickr/jctaylor.co.uk

How cheery and creative! These pallets were painted and used as fencing, complete with built-in flower planters on top!

8. Accent Fence

source: Sherwin Williams

This fence made from wooden pallets is so aesthetically pleasing – and it also doubles as a way to hide unsightly garbage and recycling bins. So smart!

9. Picket Fence

source: Adventurous Andersons

How charming! This picket fence was made from disassembled wood pallets, and shaped at the top using a saw.

10. Rolling Gate

source: Pinterest/Patty Walters

How genius is this? Instead of a traditional hinged gate, these pallets were turned into a fence and accompanying rolling gate.

11. Flower Fence

source: Dishfunctional Designs / pallet-projects.blogspot

And last but not least, how great is this pallet fence that doubles as multi-level flower planters?

Hopefully you now have a better appreciation for old wooden pallets – they can be repurposed for so many great projects. Now, take forth this inspiration, and get to work on transforming your backyard or outdoor space!