How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of The Yard

sources: BBC / The Country Chic Cottage / Depositphotos

I can’t say I know anyone who likes mosquitoes. They make a horrid whining sound when they fly, they cause itchy-as-heck bites, and they carry a whole list of harmful diseases. They can also ruin a nice night outside in about a minute. Although some bug sprays and citronella candles can sometimes work, this mosquito-repelling hack is apparently the real deal.

Melissa J Rees took to Facebook to share a DIY mosquito repellent she had heard worked extremely well. The post details how mixing a bottle of blue cheap mouthwash, 3 cups of epsom salt, and 3 stale 12oz cheap beers is the secret formula. You’re supposed to spray this solution anywhere you like to sit outside, including around your deck or pool. Apparently, this solution will also not harm your plants or flowers. Check out the full post below.

If you’ve tried everything to keep mosquitoes out of your outdoor spaces with no luck, this hack seems like it’s definitely worth a shot. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!