4 Of The Most Commonly Dirty Items Found In Restaurants

source: Upserve / Shutterstock

Going out to eat at restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. After a busy week, I want to enjoy a glass of wine in a nice setting, and have someone else cook me a great meal. One of the only downsides to eating in restaurants is that tons of germs can be lurking there. Here are the four dirtiest things in every restaurant to be wary of the next time you eat out.

1. High Chairs And Child Booster Seats

source: Daily Mail

This one shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, considering young children are prone to drool, snot, and something far grosser coming out the opposite end. Because of this, high chairs and child booster seats are usually covered with germs, and can even carry traces of E. coli. Before plopping your child in a high chair, thoroughly wipe down the chair with a disinfecting wipe.

2. Lemon Slices

You might want to think twice about requesting a glass of water with a lemon slice. Because making drinks at a restaurant doesn’t have as strict of health codes as making food, many employees will toss a lemon in a glass without having washed their hands. Multiple studies conducted on restaurant lemons revealed they’re usually covered in germs, including E. coli. Yuck!

3. Menus

Because so many different people are handling restaurant menus in a day, it’s not surprising that they are absolutely riddled with germs. Restaurant staff may not disinfect menus nearly as often as they should, meaning that your hands are coming into contact with a whole host of germs.

4. Ice

The unfortunate reality is that restaurant ice makers tend to be full of germs. Because ice machines are hard to clean, many restaurants just don’t bother cleaning them. Mold, E. coli, and other harmful germs love to hide out in ice makers.