The Difference Between These 2 Common Types Of Plungers

source: Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Most of us have experienced that moment of panic and slight irritation when a toilet becomes clogged. You run out to the hardware store and grab the first plunger you come in contact with. Half the time, the plunger doesn’t even seem to work, and you’re forced to call the plumber anyway. However, once you know this important household tip, you can hopefully deal with the problem on your own next time.

source: Water Master / Shutterstock

There are two main types of plungers, and they do very different things. Because they look so similar, you’ve probably been using them interchangeably. However, only one of them will successfully unclog a toilet, and perhaps that’s where you’ve been going wrong. One of these plungers is meant for sinks and tubs, and the other is designed for strictly toilets.

Plungers with a simple, flat bottom are the ones you want to use on a clogged sink or tub. But a plunger with that added rubber section on the bottom is the one you should be using on toilets. However, before you begin plunging, you’ll need to fill the “bell” with water first in order for the plunger to actually do its job. If you want to see this method in action (and hopefully decrease your chances of having to call a plumber), check out the video below!