14 Deep Cleaning Tips For An Exceptionally Clean Home

source: Practically Functional

We spend a fair bit of our lives in our homes, so we want them to be as clean as possible (or at least I do!). Cleaning the house can certainly be a chore, and most of us tend to forget a few key areas that could use a good clean. Here are 14 clever and effective cleaning tips to make your home the cleanest one on the block!

1. Dust-Free Fans

source: One Crazy House

When’s the last time you cleaned the blades of your ceiling fans? Probably not recently. Slip an old pillowcase over top of each blade to wipe off dust. The pillowcase will trap the dust inside so that it’s not going all over the room.

2. Clean Enamel Dishes

source: Kitchn / Image credit: Joe Lingeman

If you have enamel dishes or pans, you know all too well how quickly they can become coated in burnt-on food residue. Just soak them in a solution of baking soda and hot water to break down the residue with no scrubbing required.

3. Sparkling Mirrors

source: ThriftyFun

The key to sparkling clean mirrors? Use rubbing alcohol! They’ll be shining and disinfected all at the same time.

4. Clean Shower Curtain

source: Today / iStock

Don’t forget to clean your shower curtain every once in a while! Pop it in the washing machine with a bit of distilled vinegar to rid bacteria and that mildew smell.

5. Germ-Free Washing Machine

source: Tips and Tricks

You might be surprised to learn that washing machines can become filled with bacteria over time. To make sure that your washing machine stays clean and free of germs, pour some some distilled vinegar in on an empty wash cycle.

6. Dust-Free Blinds

source: Hip2Save / YouTube

Use a handheld vacuum or longer attachment to vacuum the dust right off your blinds.

7. Sparkling Microwave

source: Better Homes & Gardens / iStock

To both clean and disinfect your microwave, fill a shallow bowl with water and a few lemon slices. Heat up the bowl for a minute or so. The lemon water will create steam in the microwave, and you can simply wipe the microwave clean with a damp cloth afterwards.

8. Shiny Stainless Sinks

source: WeAbout / iStock

To clean and disinfect a stainless steel sink, scrub it down with a combination of baking soda and distilled vinegar. Afterwards, rinse with plain water.

9. Clean Stove Burner Grates

source: Practically Functional

To clean grimy stove burner grates, put them in a Ziploc bag, fill the bag with ammonia, and let them soak for about an hour. When the time’s up, wash them with dish soap and warm water, rinse them, dry them, and voila!

10. Clean Grout

source: Bren Did

To make dirty grout clean again, make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the grout, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then use a damp cloth to remove the residue.

11. Fresh Towels

source: Get Inspired Everyday!

To remove that stale, mildew smell from towels, add a cup of distilled vinegar into the washing machine and run on a regular cycle.

12. Toilet Cleaning Hack

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Don’t forget to clean all the nooks and crannies around your toilet. Wrap a disinfecting wipe around a screwdriver and use it to clean all of the hard-to-reach places.

13. Clean A Wooden Cutting Board

source: MyThirtySpot / My Cooking Spot

To clean and disinfect a wooden cutting board, sprinkle the surface with coarse salt. Use the fleshy half of a lemon to scrub the salt into the board. Afterwards, rinse with water.

14. Dust-Free Baseboards

source: Kiwi Services

Wipe down your baseboards with a dryer sheet! The dryer sheet will trap the dust more effectively and will leave the baseboards less likely to collect dust in the first place.