Easy And Helpful Method For Removing Fleas Off Your Pets

sources: Facebook/Kimberly Dawn Kelly / The Latina Homemaker

Having pets is a rewarding, comforting experience. For many of us, our pets are part of our families, and we do everything we can to ensure they’re happy, healthy, and comfortable. Something that threatens those three feelings? Fleas, of course. Not only do fleas cause problems for your pets, but they can also live in your home and begin to bite the humans who live there. Thankfully, one woman developed a genius solution for removing fleas from her pets.

Kimberly Dawn Kelly revealed that she washes her animals with Dawn dish soap (the blue kind, specifically). When your animals are dry, rub coconut oil onto their bellies, butts, and ears. Kimberly swears that this method works when it comes to killing fleas and keeping them off.


I’ve heard many people say that blue Dawn works wonders when it comes to killing fleas. Although you could go and purchase a specific flea shampoo from a vet’s office, they’re often quite expensive and laden with harsh chemicals. Not only is this method far cheaper, but it’s also much more natural. Just be sure to test out the Dawn and coconut oil on a small patch of your animal’s skin before using it all over their bodies. Some animals react differently to certain products, so you want to make sure that neither of these products irritate your pet.

Flea removal can be a pain in the behind, but Kimberly’s solution seems to be a good one. Thanks for sharing this cheap, easy, and helpful method, Kimberly!