12 Unexpected But Cool Ways To Use A Crock Pot

source: Passionate Penny Pincher

What was life like before crock pots?! I certainly can’t picture my weekly cooking routine without my slow cooker. You already know that crock pots are the perfect vessels for making chili, soup, and other delicious meals. But you’ve probably never head about the following 12 creative ways to use your crock pot!

1. Hot Apple Cider

source: Life Made Sweeter / Toronto Sun

Why limit your crock pot to making meals when it can also make a warm, delicious pot of apple cider on a cold winter’s day? Click here for an awesome crock pot apple cider recipe.

2. Flavorful Butters

source: Bread Experience

Did you know that making all sorts of flavored butters in your slow cooker is extremely easy? Click here for a cinnamon and brown sugar crock pot apple butter recipe.

3. Overnight Oats

source: Sugar-Free Mom

Throw a few ingredients into your crock pot before you go to bed, and wake up to a batch of delicious, slow-cooked, overnight oats!

4. Play Dough

source: Repeat Crafter Me

You’ll never want to buy chemical-filled play dough again once you make your own play dough for your kiddies using the crock pot.

5. Cook A Whole Meal

source: A View at Five-Two

If you want to cook multiple items in your crock pot at a time (without all of the foods blending together), just wrap each group of food in tinfoil before tossing them in your slow cooker.

6. Air Freshener

You can easily make your own air freshener in your crock pot using all-natural ingredients. Click here for a great recipe.

7. Candy And Chocolate

source: The Slow Roasted Italian

You can never go wrong with gifting homemade chocolate or candy during the holiday season. Click here for a super simple treat recipe you can make in your crock pot.

8. DIY Humidifier

source: Bob Vila / iStock

To make your own humidifier during the cold, dry months, simply fill your crock pot most of the way with water, put the lid on, and turn it onto the highest setting. After about 20 minutes, remove the lid and steam will make its way into the room.

9. Homemade Soap

You’ll never have to worry about what chemicals may be lurking in your soap if you just make your own. Here‘s an awesome crock pot recipe for homemade soap.

10. Cheese Fondue

source: Get Crocked / Shutterstock

Why not host a fondue night with your friends and family? You can use your slow cooker to make this recipe for beer cheese fondue. Yum!

11. Candles

Another great homemade gift idea is candles! Click here for a homemade candle tutorial using your slow cooker.

12. Remove Paint From Hardware

Did you know that you can remove paint from all sorts of metal hardware using your crock pot? Who knew?!