12+ Creative Ways To Use PVC Pipe Around The House

sources: Newly Woodwards / Infarrantly Creative

When you think of PVC pipe, you probably think of those plastic tubes used for plumbing and drainage. While this is what PVC pipe is intended for, it can also be used for a ton of different projects around the house. So, if you’re looking to save money and spruce up your home, check out these easy and creative projects!

1. Wine Rack

source: Martha Stewart

Cut some PVC pipe and use it as a modern-looking wine rack!

2. Drawer Organizer

source: DIY How To / Infarrantly Creative / Better Homes & Gardens

Say goodbye to messy drawers! Use PVC pipe to store and organize small clothing items.

3. Holiday Wreath

A few different sizes of PVC pipe and some Christmas bulbs will get you an inexpensive yet beautiful holiday wreath for your front door.

4. Christmas Tree

source: Martha Stewart

While we’re on the topic of Christmas, check out this amazing Christmas tree made from PVC pipe.

5. Drying Rack

source: DIY Joy / YouTube

Save money by using your dryer less and hanging your clothes outside to dry! Some thin PVC pipe can be easily transformed into a drying rack.

6. Desktop Organizer

source: The Home Depot Blog

How cool is this project? Some painted PVC pipe can be turned into a functional yet stylish desktop organizer.

7. Curtain Rod

source: 7 Layer Studio

You would never know that these curtain rods were made from PVC pipe. Awesome!

8. Wrapping Paper Organizer

source: Pinterest

Some PVC pipe, cup hooks, and dowels will get you this super helpful wrapping paper organizer.

9. Storage Shelves

source: Etsy

PVC pipe makes for cheap and cheerful storage shelves! These are perfect for basement or garage storage.

10. Shoe Rack

source: WonderHowTo

Group together some PVC pipe and you’ll be able to store your shoes in one neat, organized place.

11. Bike Rack

source: Hostess With The Motzes

Sick of your kids’ bikes lying around the yard? A DIY bike rack made from PVC pipe is the solution.

12. Large Tool Organizer

source: Newly Woodwards

Organize your shed or garage by using PVC pipe to hang up large garden tools.

13. Bracelet Organizer

source: HVH

And last but not least, surprisingly enough, PVC pipe can be used to make this chic and functional bracelet organizer!