Couple Turns Costco Sheet Cakes Into Huge, Beautiful Wedding Cake

sources: 12Tomatoes via Instagram/@cottagefarmhouse / The Flavor Bender

Traditional weddings have become super extravagant and super expensive. And for those couples who want a wedding with all the bells and whistles but on a budget, a little bit of creativity is often needed. Jessica of the Instagram page @cottagefarmhouse posted about her brother Jeremy and his wife Gosia’s wedding cake – which was actually made using two sheet cakes from Costco.

source: NBC Bay Area

Jessica explained that Jeremy and Gosia weren’t trying to break the bank on their wedding, so they didn’t really have a cake or flower budget. And so, they bought two sheet cakes from Costco and cut them into different-sized tiers. They re-iced the cake, bought about $10 worth of real flowers from Trader Joe’s, and used the flowers to decorate the cake and the base.

source: 12Tomatoes via Instagram/@cottagefarmhouse

The end result was a beautiful, four-tiered cake that cost less than $50 to make. With traditional tiered wedding cakes costing anywhere from $300 to over $1,000, I’d say Jeremy and Gosia did a phenomenal job! With so many other expenses to pay for like the venue, food and drinks, wedding dress, photographer, etc., it’s so nice to be able to save on certain items.

source: Here Comes the Guide/Trinity Wheeler Photography

If you or someone you know is getting married in the near future and you don’t want to shell out a ton of money on a wedding cake, this relatively simple DIY project is a great solution. With some plain sheet cakes, icing, and decorations of your choosing, you can create a beautiful wedding cake on a budget.