How To Make Consistently Perfect Fried Eggs (No Flipping Required!)

source: TikTok/@user3136491744604

We go through a lot of eggs in our house every week. Not only are eggs delicious, but they’re also a great source of protein and very easy to whip up when you’re pressed for time. Sometimes, we even do breakfast for dinner – there simply is no wrong time to eat eggs! I like my eggs scrambled, poached, over easy, and of course, fried! I recently stumbled upon a hack for making perfect fried eggs every single time that I knew I had to share with you all. You can thank me later!

source: LeafTV | istockphoto/Natsicha

TikTok user @user3136491744604 shared their hack for fail-proof fried eggs that I wish I’d known about a lot sooner. First, crack your eggs into a non-stick frying pan. When they start to cook, pour a small amount of water into the pan (yes, you read that right)! Next, put the lid on the pan. After a minute or so, remove the lid from the pan. When your eggs are cooked, serve onto a plate and enjoy!

The water and lid work together to steam the eggs, cooking them perfectly on both sides. This eliminates the need to flip the eggs, which means no more broken yolks when you’re flipping them! You’ll be left with fluffy, perfectly cooked eggs that you can dip your toast right into. What could be better?

source: HuffPost

Although we love our poached and scrambled eggs in this house, we also love our fried eggs on a Saturday morning. I can’t wait to try out this hack for perfectly cooked, diner-style eggs that never have a broken yolk. Happy breakfast-making, everyone!